Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dear Abby: Vegans At Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I thought I would post this gem.

DEAR ABBY: Last year for Thanksgiving, I made a special effort to get the entire family together for the traditional meal. All 13 of us met at my mother’s home and everyone was to bring a dish or two to share.

One of my brothers has two college-age daughters. Both are vegan, and he insisted that all the dishes we brought be vegan! I did it, but I resented it because I felt that two out of 13 people should not decide the menu for the rest of us. If they wanted vegan dishes, they should bring something for themselves, while the rest of us brought what we wanted.

My brother and nieces are now asking what we’re doing this year for Thanksgiving. Frankly, I don’t want to go through that again. Am I wrong in thinking everyone should not bend over backward for the vegan meal? I don’t mind some of the menu accommodating them, but I don’t think the whole dinner should be altered. – TURKEY EATER IN TEXAS

DEAR TURKEY EATER: Neither do I. And the response you should give your brother (and his daughters) is that you’ll be serving a traditional Thanksgiving dinner this year, so they can either bring something they will enjoy or make other plans.

My response:

Dear Abby: It's nice to know you don't give a damn about vegans or respect their lifestyle, but if you can't accommodate someone, don't invite them, it's rude. Asking for an all vegan meal was pushing it, but telling the vegans to bring their own food to eat or make other plans makes you a rude host and a shitty sibling. I hope the Turkey Eater in Texas didn't take your advice or his relationship with his brother and his family will be strained.

All Vegan Thanksgiving, 2009